Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas----PS2

Tank-  O-O-L1-O-O-O-L1-L2-R1-Triangle-O-Triangle

Semi Tanker- R1-Up-<->-R2-Up->-Square->-L2-L1-L1

Lower wanted level- R1-R1-O-R2-Up-Down-Up-Down-Up-Down

Locks Wanted level- O->-O->-<-Square-Triangle-Up

Weapon Set 1- R1-R2-L1-R2-<-Down->-Up-<-Down-Right-Up

Weapon Set 2- R1-R2-L1-R2-<-Down->-Up-<-Down-Down-<

Weapon Set 3- R1-R2-L1-R2-<-Down->-Up-<-Down-Down-Down

Never Die- Down-X->-<->-R1->-Down-Up-Triangle

$250,000, Full Health, Armor/Full Armor, Repairs Cars/Aircrafts-

Cars On Water- >-R2-O-R1-L2-Square-R1-R2

F-22/Hydra- Triangle-Triangle-Square-O-X-L1-L1-Down-Up

Hunter/Favorite Chopper- O-X-L1-O-O-L1-O-R1-R2-L2-L1-L1

Stunt Plane- O-Up-L1-L2-down-R1-L1-L1-<-<-X-Triangle

* Never Die does not work for explosions, falls, drowning, or aircraft bullets.
* Tank is actually called the "Rhino" in the game.
* If you don`t want a cheat on anymore just reenter it.

How to get-

Indestructible Walton-  Steal it during the  Mad Dog  mission.
Mothership-  Steal it during the  Are You Going To San Fierro  mission.
SWAT Tank-  Steal it during the  End Of The Line mission.
Police Maverick- Unlock the desert and it will always appear on top of the Los Santos police station.
Fireproof CJ Skill-  Compete all 12 levels of the fire truck missions.
Maximum Health Increased To 150-  Complete all 12 levels in the ambulance mission.
Maximum Armor Boosted to 150-  Complete level 12 of the vigilante mission.

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